For All Humanity - Spirit Of Apollo

May 31, 2013

On September 12, 1962 President John F. Kennedy delivered one of the most inspirational and prescient policy speeches in world history. President Kennedy proclaimed at Rice University in Houston, Texas that the United States effort to land a man on the Moon would be extremely risky and full of unknowns. JFK also said that the exploration of space would prove to be one of the great adventures of human history and provide huge benefits to the United States and the world.

Penny4NASA and Space Advocates wishes to remind the world of the achievements of the United States space effort. NASA’s daring Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions, demonstrated to all of humanity that they were unified by the peaceful exploration of the universe.

The producers would like to thank NASA, JPL, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, Reid Gower, Brandon Fibbs and the entire space advocacy community for their inspiration and life long dedication to keeping the dream burning bright.